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Who gives the better gift...Men or Women


When it comes to giving a gift, what makes one gender better than the other?

By: Tim Taylor


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So, who does give the better gift, men or women?  In order to answer this question, we have to find out what defines good or bad.  Some place the value of a gift in the cost of the gift.  Others see the gift's worth in its appropriateness.  But when it comes down to it, who wins the crown?  I've known men who spent thousands of dollars on a gift, only to have their mate fancy another beau.  I've also heard of women who put great romantic thought in the preparation of their gift only to have it treated like a regular event.  So what constitutes the ultimate gift giver?  The truth is out there somewhere.  And I think I have it.  Some would say it all depends on who you ask, what region you're in, how old are the parties involved, and a host of other variables, but try as you may to come up with all the information gathering questions to unveil the answer, it all boils down to one deciding factor; and it has nothing to do with gender, but everything to do with who is able to make an emotional connection with the recipient of their gift...Bar none


If making an emotional connection is not your object for giving a gift, then you really have no reason to give a gift.  We all seek purpose in everything we do.  If we can't find the reason for what we do, we tend to grow bored with it and make a mess out of the whole thing.  If we can visualize a desired affect, then we have something to aspire toward.  Thus, causing us to involve our whole being in the process of doing what we set out to do.  It's why we achieve certain feats once thought unattainable, bask in the glory of it and seek to push the limits even further or find something else to conquer.  That's what each gift we give should be doing;  challenging us to grow in our ability to connect with our mate as they evolve within the relationship.  A car may evoke massive emotions one year, but hardly cause a blip on the radar screen three years later.  A romantic night out for no apparent reason may garner big points now, yet, cause a snore two months down the line.  You get the picture.  It's not so much the gift, but the connection involved with the gift.

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