What's In A Gift 

It's been said, "You are what you eat," but it's just as true to say, "You are what you do." Find out why.

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In my opinion, it is safe to say that we are what we do.  You can't successfully separate yourself from what you do.  There are individuals who purport that they can lead spurious life styles and it not affect them in other areas of their life.  But closer to the truth is you choose what you do based on some deep seated perception of who and what you are.  It only manifests itself in outward actions.  On the other hand, there are people, the realists, who live life without apologies, why?  Because they have come to grips with who they are and it's okay with them.  They know they are representing themselves to the world at large, and they really don't care what anyone thinks.  It's not a good/bad situation, it's just what it is.  Whether you agree with that expression of self is not the point.  The point is, those types of people are the real free ones in life.  And typically, if you ask them how they feel about an issue, they are more than willing to give you the full disclosure of how they feel.


So how does the above illustration tie into gift giving?  Well, We tend to give gifts that convey a message to the recipient, but we, too, are looking for a desired response that fulfills an inward need for satisfaction for ourselves only derived from the reactions of others.  Have you ever noticed anyone who gives a gift and detect that mental crossing of their fingers in hopes they got the right gift?  If their loved one dislikes the gift, they are more disappointed than the receiver of the gift because they put their heart into choosing what they thought was the perfect gift.  Even the uncaring soul let their feelings show by presenting a gift that had no thought at all; rather, no thought of caring; because the inappropriate gift given with no remorse after the receiver displays their disapproval to the gift, shows that the giver couldn't care less if it was liked are not.  They only went through the motions; it really meant nothing to them.  It was merely an act to deceive for whatever selfish reasons they had.  Of course, it is the thought that counts, but giving a gift that's of poor judgment shows that the thought you may have is very small, if at all.


Certain gifts lets one know how the other thinks of them, and how at ease they feel they can be in a relationship.  Some people have time lines associated with different gifts.  Buying under garments early on in any relationship makes a bold statement.  Likewise, purchasing jewelry at the wrong stage can create an unsure atmosphere as well.  Even if the perceived act is not warranted, it still makes a statement that you don't know how to properly navigate relationships.  The best way to combat this is to be up front about yourself.  You don't have to spill the whole bag of beans about yourself, but you should be honest about your experience in expressing yourself with gifts and you feel more comfortable with someone giving you insight on what they like.  In any case, there's no doubt that we are what we do, and giving gifts do reflect who we are, and how we perceive others.  Still, there's no reason to be full of anxiety when presenting a gift to a loved one.  If who you are is a person that cares deeply for someone, then your gift is bound to show it.  But beware; if you are just trying plot and scheme, if the receiver of your gift is blind to your intentions, rest assured, someone will be a decoder for them eventually. 

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