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Poetic Selections

Unless otherwise noted, all poetry is copyrighted and registered with the copyright office in the Library of Congress.  Any duplication and use of said poetry without the expressed written consent of the author is stictly prohibited and will be met with swift action to the fullest extent the law allows

* Note, the selections below use a font style for ease of reading. Your poem will come with a stylish font.

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Don't forget, if you want an even more personal touch, we can work together to create a special poem for your loved one.


If you have your own poem that you want framed and matted, just send it by email with your choice of art background and mat and I will ship it to you centered and ready to be placed into your own frame.


Remember to include your loved one's name if you want to use it as a heading, otherwise, the default heading will be used. Also, be sure to include your name if you want it added to the bottom of the selection(s). 

A space for requesting names and additional information will be provided on the thank you page.


Mother I Mother II Mother III  Dad Sister 
Daughter Son Grandmother Grandfather Mother-in-Law 
Aunt Uncle Brother  Friend   


Cherished Infinity  Special One  Raw Love I  Raw Love II



Pastor I Pastor II Pastor III  Pastor IV  Pastor's Wife I 
Pastor's Wife II  Minister  Home Blessing  Soldier's Prayer  


Special Occasion

Graduate I  Graduate II  wedding Poem  Wedding Anniversary  Wedding Thank You 


Bereavement  Secretary  Boss