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What Is A Love Poem

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Love poems have been used in every format from the bible to the bedroom. But what exactly is a love poem? It is more than just mere words cleverly used to manipulate the senses. It goes deeper than that. It is formed deeper than the mind's eye. Most people would get very upset with someone playing with their mind. So word play can never be used to define what it is.


To know what it is, you have to recognize what it is doing to the writer and hearer of its verses. Where as the stuff that targets the mind causes you to try and use logic to understand what is being presented, the heart knows what it wants and throws caution to the wind and engulfs itself with the emotional rapture that a love poem displays. There is an angle, though.


The mind is like the front line to this love battle. Because the mind deals mainly in logic, it weighs what is said line by line and casts up skepticism in the early stages. But once the heart gets involved, by the mind letting down its defenses, those beautiful written sentiments love poems convey sends the intended receiver on a pleasurable journey.


Love poems are more accurately called love words or heart words. They defy the mind's logic and go straight to the core of the heart. There has to be a relationship built in order for poetic love words to have the affect that they do. A total stranger can never deliver a love poem that has any real chance of reaching the heart of the hearer. Even the most naive of souls know that you need some history with someone in order to truthfully and skillfully handle a love poems.


Don't be fooled, though. Although love poems evoke emotions, love is not an emotion in and of itself. Think about it. Love can cause you to react in anger, happiness, confusion, fear. Any and all these emotions can and do appear on both sides of the love spectrum. You can have all these emotions with a loved one and still love them with your whole heart. Now do you see why love is not an emotion? Love is the action you take toward someone; not the emotions or feelings that flows from loving that person.


So a love poem is a message that originates from the heart of someone designed to appeal to heart of someone else. Why else do you think you try to find the right words to say when you want to address the one you love? The person you care little for, you just say what comes to mind whereas the one you love, you consider what you say so as not to hurt them. You are also more apt to make yourself vulnerable in words with someone you love.

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