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Funny Poems


"I Though Of You"

As I went about my ordinary day, a pleasurable thought happened to come my way; the musings that I had were wonderful and true. They were heavenly visions of the spender of U. As I continued to think, I thought there's none better, who deserves to be honored with an incredible letter. A day without the presence of someone such as U, would quickly turn my heart to a deep shade of blue. The sun in its glory is no comparison to U; try as it might it can't shine like U do. I'm not the only one who's smitten by U. The flowers close their petals rather than compete with U. But then I realized there is a deeper well, as I awaken from your most powerful spell. I'm sure you're great in all that U do, but there are twenty five more alphabets that are deserving, too. So I'll give it some thought just to see how far; my passions can go with the letter R.

Funny poems give you the chance to make an I love you statement and be humorous at the same time. Everybody likes to laugh and have fun. People of all ages can enjoy poetry that makes them smile. The great thing about this is it allows you to be yourself. You don't have to try to be all deep and pious. You get the chance to be witty and spontaneous. Every occasion has room for a little tongue and cheek humor. Even during times of bereavement, it helps to say something amusing about the deceased as long as it's in good taste. It's the perfect ice breaker. You can use almost anything and get a laugh. Remember the old rhyming poems that tell a funny story? Even the old fairy tale rhymes had a tone of humor to it. The little old lady who lived in a shoe. Jack and Jill went up the hill.

Funny Poem (PG-13)

Roses are red, other flowers are blue. Your resistance to my affection turns my anatomy that, too

If you want to get a message to someone by someone else without the jist of it being forgotten? Making it humorous and rhythmic is the trick. I wrote a love poem that went over extremely well with the listeners. You can view it from here. Simply hilarious! It gets the point across, yet, delivers a gut busting laugh as well. Funny poems are not just to make you laugh. They can make you think, too. That's what is called funny peculiar instead of funny ha-ha. Either way, it lets people know that you have many facets. If you want to be the life of the party or the must have guy in group settings, being funny is something you must strive to be. Anyone can be arrogant acting. It takes skill to be funny on cue.

The internet is populated with sites that will deliver jokes and funny stories on demand, but rather than sending a link on your iphone or email sharing a funny note with someone you care about. You can let your true feelings be shown by sending them a personalized drafted funny poem to keep you in their memory as long as you want. Poetry is not just for romantic interludes. William Shakespeare is known for his story line romantic poetry, but he was also a big producer of humor as well. If you want to impress someone of the opposite sex, there is no quicker way to do it. If you're a funny guy and you can create the proper mix of humor with romance, you're in like Flynn; and women, there's no better way to let a guy know you're interested than with a funny poem.

Funny Love Poem II

What would rightly prove my love for you? My will is yours to command. The most beautifulest of flower petals should be used as adorning for where ever you place your delicate feet. The peaks of the highest mountains are the graphs used to chart your ever increasing wonder.

Your allure is seducing as a skillful charmer. But what can I do to show the depths of my love for you?

I would traverse the world far and wide to amass the earth's greatest possessions and lay them at your feet. I would descend to the depths of the sea and recover lost treasures that would scarcely satisfy the price of your dowry.

I would commission the angelic host to herald a song that's honoring of your grace. All these things I would gladly do for you; and they beckon me to rightly do so. My heart yearns to launch forth and make these much deserving acts a reality...But my dog needed to take a dump, so there's that...And then...

As bad as the economy, job and housing markets are, it creates goodwill by being amusing and including people in your sphere makes you social royalty. Giving people a break from the daily grind and making them smile is one of the best things you can do to create an environment of light-heartedness and a perceived desire to help ease their stress. The best poems to use is the ones that tell a story. You want to keep the listener's interest and having it end with them laughing their tale off. For that brief moment, you took their mind off one thing and focused it on something that improves their overall temperament.

You may not think of designing a humorous poem for framing, but getting one formally made as a token of appreciation or something that your friend or loved one can look back to is a great gesture. There is a multi-billion dollar industry built around making and selling gag products to the general public. Personalizing a funny poem and giving it to someone gives them something tangible to share with their friends. They get a kick out of it and rather than trying to remember it in order to tell it to someone else; they have a solid object to pass around that could go viral and your name would be at the helm of their entertainment.

Funny Poem III

For you my love, I would ascend the highest mountain without hesitation. I would swim the farthest point in the deepest ocean; fair warning to those who would dare disgrace your virtue. For chivalry is alive and well in your regal presence.

But I would sooner dissect my hand at the wrist than surrender the remote to you.

Have another read of more hilarious verses here. So go ahead and make something you can give to your friends and loved ones that they'll love you for. You can choose a poem on this site or you can send your own poem. We can also work together to create a unique work for whoever you desire. Let's get start. You can choose your background paper as well as any mat and frame you want. You even have the option to have a poem crafted and sent to their inbox. You can use that digitized poem to place on their fan page or create a tangible personalized product. It's totally up to you. click the link above to get started.

Also. with your purchase of any of the poems on this site, you get instant access to my amazing interactive ecard creator. That way, you can set the tone before your poem arrives to your special one.