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Types Of Love 

"Which Is The Most Important" 

By:Tim Taylor 

If ever there was a more controversial subject, this is one. But the truth is found in the circle of life we all live. The average person would say there are many types of love. For instance, there's parental love, sibling love, spiritual love, friend love, couples love, spousal love, interspecies love (hopefully not the sexual kind), a love of nature, a love of science. you get the picture. I could go on for quite some time heralding what we call types of love. So, now you're probably wondering since they're so many types of love, which is most important? Hold on; before we cross that bridge, you might want to first find out what is love. It just may not be what you think it is. Once you know that, then you must deal with the other stuff that comes with love. I'll start off by throwing you for a loop. Above, I listed different types of love. Actually there aren't different types of love. 

If you followed the link above, you found out what love is, now that you have a better understanding of what it is, we can go on to the truth. Love can be expressed in a feeling or emotion, but it's neither. Of a truth, there aren't different types of love, but there are different expressions and degrees to love. That's what makes the difference. You see, I can love my mother and wife enough to give my life for their safety. Spend my last dime that they might have. Go naked that they may be clothed. But there are just some ways that I wont express my love for one that I will do for the other. The same goes for my siblings, friends and anyone else. Even most couples who haven't taken that final step and formally or in a common law setting became man and wife wont venture into certain expressions of love toward the other.

As a side note, some may be interested in the different types of love for each personality type. For instance, you may be looking for what's love like with a type A personality, or a passive aggressive, or maybe an analytical personality. That changes nothing. Those aren't love types. It still falls within expressions of love.

As far as the degrees go, as much as I love family and friends, some of the things I said I would do for my Mother, I wouldn't do to the same degree for say my brother or a friend. I'm willing to do some of those things, but not to the same extreme. At a certain point, I'd probably drop out after giving some advice and let him go on his own. Or at the least, I'd fight along side them until they began to give up. But I feel that dear old mom and my other half deserves the ultimate sacrifice if need be. In their own way, they've altered their own lives for my well being, so if the time came, how could I not give all I had for them. We Sink or swim together.

As far as which is most important, I think they're equally important in where they're categorized. My degree and expression of love with each individual can't help but affect the others. If my wife and I have a suffering love relationship, it affects my mom, my friends and all my other interests. How many times have you seen a person's passion for something wane due to a shortcoming in an entirely non-relevant area in their life? If I expressed or acted in a degree that seemed unfitting for someone in one category, those closest to me would question my logic because it would be out of character for the average person to express themselves to that degree in that realm. No-one would bat an eye if I went on an all expense paid cruise with my wife, but I would raise eyebrows if I did that with a close female work friend.

However, as I pointed out earlier, If my loved ones tried to totally deprive me of my expression of love to my friend. It would adversely affect the way I expressed my love to them. So it would be in their best interest to ensure those other love encounters are in place. For those who have read this hoping for some insight on their personal relationship as far as male, female companionship, this is not the best place to find out about that. The Love test article may suit you better. But you still want to be aware of the different expressions and degrees of love that should be present in the type of relationship you have.