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"Are You Matched By The Stars" 

By:Tim Taylor 

Man has tried to find a love that lasts for eons. And since the heavens are eternal, he's often turned to it for guidance. Can you really find that long lost love you're searching for by charting the stars as a love horoscope? Is it determination or destiny that links us together? Can astronomical signs route us to our soul mates, or do we relegate it to the realm of loves spells and potions? Believe it or not, there are a number of individuals who swear by the accuracy of the stars for match making. But is our love unions celestial, biological or soul-ish? Follow along and see if you can trust your love life to a zodiac calendar.

Actually their are two ways to view a love horoscope. One is within the zodiac sign chart itself. The other is a sign chart that's designed just for love and used to reveal when is the best time to find love. According to belief, each zodiac sign can portray different types of love or what is commonly referred to as love. For instance, a person born under one sign could be strong in a physical love, whereas another could demonstrate a more verbal or emotional love. Based on those types of love, you could be advised to try your chance or steer clear. There's been no "real" scientific study done to affirm or deny the accuracy of the findings, but those who believe in it swear by its track record.

Less popular is the actual zodiac love chart that has specific images that depict love and when you would most likely run into your mate. It, too, has its roots in the original zodiac sign chart and will attempt to tell you what types of love you're more likely to encounter at what time of day season or month. Should these things be taken seriously or are they best left as entertainment at side show fairs? Well, the majority don't like to think their ability to find love is left up to fate. They believe that their love life is made to order by their own menu. No month or date is going to determine who and when they will launch out and embrace love.

Still, people tend to be intrigued by the idea that they can increase their odds of finding their soul mate by star gazing. With marriage failure rates above fifty percent, many people are less willing to trust their own judgment and seek help else where. If you ask me, I'd say walking around looking for love with your head and eyes pointed toward the sky is a good way to pass your ideal mate by. With the both of you looking up, how are you going to see each other. No gypsy is going to help you their. Ever notice the ones telling you your fortune for love is someone who's a recluse with no personality? Do you really want to hand over something as awesome as the journey of love to a stranger?