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Friendship Poems


One of the greatest forms of flattery is imitation. But we all know that some of our friends and loved ones have big shoes to fill. So if you want to send a message to your friend or loved one the next best thing is to find a way to express how we feel about their involvement in your life. You don't have to get all mushy with it; nor do you have to spend wads of cash either. Whether male or female we like to hear that our presence in someone's life is having a positive impact on them. One nice way to let your friend know they are is by presenting them with a friendship poem. Yes, a poem that speaks to your gratitude for them being there when you need them. Something that shows a simple thank you and you do take notice of what they do on your behalf. Inspirational poems are a perfect venue for revealing your friend's worth to you.

Friend Poem

Friends come, gladly, they don't go. Instead of love waning, it will always grow.

A friend is a companion that loves like no other. Their commitment is strong like a sister or brother.

Their bond is unbreakable like the strongest glue. How do I know this; cause I found it in you.

When I needed an ear and shoulder to lean. With patience you provided and was never mean.

Your wisdom you shared without breaking me down. You spared my feelings still your advise was quite sound.

All this and more is why you're my best friend. A faithful companion who's love has no end.

Based on the amount of searching that goes on through Google, there is a lot of desire to find a way to tell your friend how much they mean to you. There is nothing homosexual or lesbian about telling and giving someone written expressions of how they affect your life. Women are pros at doing this. We men can take a lesson in this department. Nothing is more noteworthy than telling someone who is of no blood kin to you that you consider them as family. As far as building a deeper relationship with the opposite sex, starting off as friends is the best possible way to grow a lasting union. The great thing about friendship poems is that you can be neutral in your feelings. You can mask any deeper feelings you may have by using funny poems to share your feelings.

You should start the poem off with letting your friend know that you do consider them as a great friend. Make sure you include things they did or said and how that will endear you to them forever. Let them know that friends like them are a rare gem. This is the building blocks for any other type of relationship you may want it to evolve into. Whether it's a love, work or business relationship, you need to strive to lay that friendship foundation first. Typically, you can uncover any deeper feelings the person receiving your poem will have for you and from there you can decide if you want to pursue that are keep it platonic.


The example poems on this site takes the language of the heart coupled with the art of writing and creates a colorful record of your emotions in written form. There are those who struggle with getting personal with the ones they're closest to, but some people are very open to the extent they have no problem even telling a friend they love them. Be assured it's totally natural to let someone know their character has made you a better person. It has nothing to do with trying to make a move on them. Even if nothing more than friendship comes out of it. When you go your way, you'll be the better for having experienced the inclusion of them in your life.

You can rest easy knowing that you've found a site that is dedicated to helping you find the right words to say to honor your friend or anyone else in you life. click on the link and read a sample poem that you can use to help you in your quest. Or if you already have one, I can make that into a keepsake that will not be soon forgotten. Once you choose your poem, you can get your mat and also have the opportunity to add to that with a killer ecard that you can personalize to your friend's taste.