Why poetry works well as a gift item 

"A picture may say a thousand words, but its worth is still measured in words" 

By: Tim Taylor 

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One of the best mediums of expression is the verbal advantage that we humans have over every creature on earth. Speech allows us to add flavor, and color to our existence.  Animals have their way of communicating with each other and it works well for them; their continuing existence bares truth to that.  But it only gives the rudimentary means of expression.  Anger, fear, loneliness, pain, and hunger.  Human speech allows us to experience the broad spectrum of expression in a beautiful bouquet of sound.

Many animals arbitrarily learn their mothers by fixation.  At birth, it’s coded in them to accept whatever is placed in front of them as their parent. That’s why with some animals, zoologists stress not involving yourself with them until that signature visual bond is made with its true parent; because they will latch on to their first impression and follow it as if it were their parent.  Thankfully, we humans don’t share that trait with the animal kingdom.  At an early stage, we learn our love ones’ voice and will respond to that stimuli even if a group of people are taking at the same time.  Since the spoken word is so vital early on in our development, it’s no wonder that poetry sits so well with the majority of us as an appropriate gift.

Whether in rhythmic tones or story form, poetry conveys our inner feelings.  It makes an emotional connection with its hearer.  Women tend to be more emotional creatures than men, hence the expression of tears and look of endearment when someone gives a well written letter or card stating their feelings towards them.  I stated earlier that speech allows humankind to create attitude in their communications.  Poetry uses emotional flare in verbal form in order to get a point across.  It gives a colorful view to any relationship.  Consider the phrase I love you, the mere words are powerful, but it becomes alive with color if used in a poetic ode.  A poetic cadence borrows from the expressive nature of our being. 

Mankind doesn’t need color to exist.  If life was shown in black and white, it would still sustain existence.  However, seeing the green grass, vibrant flowers, colorful fruit, and all their aromas, add the spice in life that makes us want to hang around.  Poetry is that spice in verbal expression.  Sure, I can show my feelings for an individual, but for some reason, if I never verbally tell that individual how I feel, they will not grasp my true intentions.  We humans thrive…need verbal communication, and poetry serves it up in rare form.  Take note of a person that doesn’t have a fondness for some form of poetry, and you will see a drab existence.  But a person who is a fan of poetry tends to be full of life.  There’s just no escaping its influence on life.  I doubt very seriously there’s any earthling that doesn’t have at least the basic admiration for poetry.  And virtually all have used it in some form whether they realized it or not.  Remember, whenever you use adjectives beyond the basic communicable step to express a thought or feeling, you have borrowed from the deep well of poetry.

So the next time you see a book of poetry, remember, it holds the building blocks to a strong, healthy relationship.