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What Is A Soul Mate? 


By:Tim Taylor 

Everyone seems to want to connect with their soul mate. But what exactly is a soul mate? Do people who like the same things automatically qualify as soul mates? Is a soul mate only a one shot moment and if you don't meet up you never get another chance? Do you need some astrological chart to find one? Do you have to live a long life of experiences in order to be able to identify someone as a soul mate? If you go by all the books written, online sites constructed, tests conducted and all the columns used to give advice, finding a soul mate is somewhat of a challenge. But it need not be as daunting as most make it. Understanding a few basic things will help you in your quest.

Typically, you would label the idea person as a soul mate who connects with you on a deep emotional level. That alone is enough to scare the dickens out of most. I mean it's hard enough for us to know and be in touch with ourselves So how on earth are we to expect chance being to hold the key that unlocks our inner self? It's possible to run into a couple who feels they found the Yin to their Yang. They talk about how much the two of them have in common. How they like the same things. How they even finish each others sentences. That doesn't necessarily mean they are soul mates. If you hang around anybody long enough, you can learn their ways as conform to their actions. A soul mate has deeper ties than that.

True soul mates appreciate each others differences without trying to find the commonality of them. They just work well together. It doesn't mean they don't have to work at their relationship. It means they are not threatened by the others individuality. Usually, the above couple tends to have problems when the other person doesn't go along with their desires and write it off as they just grew apart. But do soul mates grow apart? If you connected on that level, why would a simple disagreement or discovery of a different pattern cause a rift in your union? A fellow soul mate understands their partner's right to be different and fully express themselves in a way that complements the other.

Soul mates don't have to compromise in a manner that causes the other discomfort. A soul mate may have everything in common with their partner or they may have nothing in common with them. It's that underlying essence that binds them. Soul mates may disagree verbally or in body gestures, but they quickly resolve their problems due to the soul-ish bond they have with each other. Each soul mate is not superficial. That's why it's very difficult for another suitor to come between them. The outward appearance is just a passing fancy. While they appreciate surface beauty, what they share inside transcends that fleeting attention catcher. 

Most soul mate encounters take time to discover. This microwave type generation makes finding a soul mate rather hard. But if you can muster the patience, it's well worth the wait. What do you think defines a soul mate?