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Written Poems


Written poems are the perfect way to immortalize your heart. You get the opportunity to have your companion's true feelings at your disposal at any time. Sometimes people only have that once in a moment time where they have the perfect words to express themselves with and once they're verbalized, at a later date, they find it hard to remember exactly how it went. Putting your poems in print takes care of that dilemma. Written poems have been penned by the likes from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Robert Frost to Maya Angelou.

Thanks to those who desired to journalize their musings, the world has access to written poems that span many millennia and inspired writings came from all walks of life from every corner of the earth. Written poems allow us to imagine what the previous author envisioned in their mind's eye when they catalogued their thoughts into words. They authors of these literary works were so verbally eloquent in depicting their surroundings through emotional penmanship that most anyone can read their pieces and accurately access what they were referring to.

Although most recognized poetry is in a rhythmic flow, our most prized and rehearsed poetry comes from verses that seem to tell a lovely story with outdated romance linguistics. Because of poetry's many styles, it's always in fashion, so they make great gifts. Those rhythmic verses have a way of penetrating through mankind's tough outer interior and pierces the deepest part of the heart. Poetry gifts present heart felt sentiments as treasured keepsakes. Only the coldest of hearts can resist a token of endearment wrapped in a symphony of melodic words. Why do they take hold of our soul as they do, because they make us ponder a world gone by when words carried more weight than they do now.

Their well crafted sentence structure leads us to believe the holder of such beautiful words could not speak them unless they came from a part of their psyche that only dealt in sincerity. The greeting card industry could not exist without the poem prints of today that were inspired by the poets of old. No matter how beautiful the scene is on the facing of a card, we long for the words that are written on the inside. I've yet to see anyone who didn't swing wide the edges of a card to impart the poetic sentiments unto themselves.

Poem prints are very popular and has always been. Humans are eternal romantics. Especially women; so as long as we have the female species, we will always have written poems. They set the tone for all other expressions of love. Click the link and make your very own personalized written poem