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Write down any of the background images you would like to have your Designer Poetry Series© displayed on. 
Except where noted, all artwork is 8 1/2 X 11 
Iris Poem                        Spring Blossom Poem
                           Iris 8X10                                                         Spring Blossom
               flowergate                        pup_n_hat     
                          Flower Gate                                                    Pup-N-Hat                   
               graduation               Hummingbird Poem     
                        Graduation                                              Hummingbird 8X10 
             hum_bird_gate        iris_mist
                         Hummingbird Gate                                          Iris Mist 
             light_cottage        light_hse
                            Light Cottage                                             Light House
             cave_serinity            mother_love_wht
                               Cave Serenity                                              Mother's Love (Wht)
             mothers_love_blk            peony_swag
                            Mother's Love (Blk)                                      Peony Swag 
            rose_swag             Airforce Poem
                            Rose Swag                                                           Airforce 
            Marine Corps Poem             Navy Poem
                          Marine Corps                                                            Navy 
            US Army Poem            Footprints In The Sand
                             US Army                                                   Footprints In The Sand 
            Majestic Castle            Misty Sunset Poem
                          Majestic Castle                                                   Misty Sunset 
            Soaring Eagle I Poem            butterfly_mist
                            Soaring Eagle I                                                    Butterfly Mist 
            ribbon_lace             tulip_wedding
                             Ribbon-N-Lace                                    Buttercup Wedding/Anniversary 
           wedding_wht              heavens_stairway
                         Wedding (Wht)                                               Heaven's Highway 
           swan_gazebo             swan_lake
                           Swans Gazebo                                                   Swans Lake
           first_wht            first_kiss_blk
                          First Kiss (Wht )                                              First Kiss (Blk)
           sunflower_pump            doveschurch
                            Sunflower Pump                                              Doves Church 
           boat_horizon            soaring_eagle
                            Boat Horizon                                                  Soaring Eagle II

 wedding poem

Wedding Hands With Roses  




poems for marriage

Yellow Rose 




wedding poems

Red Rose 




wedding poetry

 Pink Rose Blossom




wedding poems wedding

Roses With Dove 


wedding poems poetry

Callie Lillies