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Relationship Advice For Women 

"The Truth Will Set You Un-free" 

By: Tim Taylor 
Pick any news stand, magazine rack or talk show and you will find some so called expert that will rattle off relationship advice for women. One of the biggest problems with that is the source. Women tend to get advice about relationship with men from other women. Every person is unique. They have their idea of the perfect man. So if they strike gold, it may be miner specific gold. What I mean is they may have this list of features they want in a man that you have no interest in. They find their prince charming and the sparks fly. But does that make them a reliable source of information on what works in a relationship? They could've just stumbled on a win, much like the lottery. They could be compromising at a level that you wouldn't dare to get a mate. It could be a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

The fact is, the best relationship advice for women is going to come from the average male. He doesn't have to be in a relationship. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is first know what YOU want in a relationship. Is it realistic? And are you willing to furnish the patience to wait for it. Relationships come a dime a dozen. If you know how to navigate them, you can have as many as you want and glean positives in it. Get the free book on this site and give it a read. It has real world advice from a guy on relationships. A lot of women think they have to undo everything a guy's mother and ignorant friends put in him and then remold him into what she wants. I tell you right now, that is a recipe for disaster.

Don't ever try to make Mr. right. It's best to just wait on him patiently while doing the things that will attract him. Trust and believe, from a man's perspective, men are taking notice of you. They may not be bold and brazen about it, but they are looking for subtle cues that will let them know if your open for further investigation. If you want a relationship, you have to make yourself bait. Now I know that phrase tends to bring the feminist out in many women, but you are going to have to put yourself out there as available to be caught. Even guys in this liberated age tend to see an "caressive" woman as uninterested in a traditional male/female relationship. Since the man has routinely been the advancer, when a woman takes on that role, he thinks she's after the same thing he is. A date that will give him the most punch in the shortest time. There are rare instances in which a man is looking for marriage and family. This isn't the frontier times of populating unchartered territories. If he can get to the sacred bed dance, he's going to go after it.

You have to make him aware of your desire to attract and please him. I know. What about your wants and needs. Well, what are they? If you want a committed relationship, you have to play by the tried and tested rules. There was a going sentiment that if you want to have a relationship with someone, you, as the women, should not wait for the guy and just take the initiative and ask him first. Well, that sounded great and all, but a recent study came out that shared that both the average man and woman wanted the man to be the aggressor. So if you're going on averages to hedge your bet, you have to do those things that coerce the man to take action. In days gone by, some women used to go to what was called charm school. They would learn how to be a respectable feminine lady while using her womanly ways to, well, charm a man into getting what she want from him.

But rest assured, the best way to start a relationship with a man is just being yourself. Forget about the so called experts and let nature take its course. If you're in a relationship and want to make it better. Just ask the dude or tell him what you want. If he doesn't want to come on board, usually it's because he really doesn't know how serious it is. You don't have to give the silent treatment or deprive him of something to get him to respond. Just be serious and let him know that you have needs and if they can't be met by him, you need to evaluate the relationship and seriously consider if it's worth continuing. Don't argue. Be straight forward and calm but deliberate and certain of your actions. I guarantee you will get his attention.

For those looking for a mate, as the saying goes, know thyself. You may have the personality that repels or takes more time to catch the eye of a suitor. But rushing it makes you attract men that you probably don't want in the long run. So just be yourself and be polite and open to a relationship. Men like direct eye contact and smiles of interest in what he's saying or doing. This goes for those in or looking for a relationship. If both of you are un-movingly engaged in something and can't be bothered, then you don't need each other. But, If you want to secure a companion, genuinely be interested in what they're in to, while being aware that he should, at some point, take a fancy in what you like as well. If he's not into what you like, and if you're not really in to want he likes, it's best to see that a off limits. There's a reason why they like what they like. It's a part of there make up. If you don't mix at this level, you're better off pursuing other fish.

Now that's not to say just because you have zero interest in what they like you should cross them off your list. There's another true saying, opposites attract. You just have to realize if you go down this road, you will have to see this as not a road block to your relationship but one of the signs you will have to use to navigate to your final destination. However, if this is something that takes the bridge out and you know it, no matter how nice the car is, don't go along for the ride. The best relationship advice for women concerning realtionships with men is to ask one or hang around them without actually fishing for one. They are an open book with pop up pictures. What you see is what you get. The best place for relationship building and breaking for that matter is found in the lowly workplace. The sexes aren't there to mingle for a mate. They're there for income so they act themselves. Either you like or you don't. But you're sure to get the real proof of the pudding. So put the books down, turn of the TV and go get your man.