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Love Poems For Him

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It's quite noble and bold of you to seek out a poetic love letter to present to your man. Women tend to think that a man doesn't really go for poetry, but that couldn't be further from the truth. So what must be considered when choosing love quotes for him? Well, first off, your man wants to be made sure that he makes you feel safe and secure. He wants to feel like a good provider for you. It doesn't matter if you're already married, living together or just dating. He wants you to feel that way regardless. As I've alluded to in another statement. A man wants to read your verses and come away wanting to brave the jungles of South America and kill the most ferocious predator and bring his hide back to you as a trophy piece.

Love Poems For Him

You are a man among men. I stand in awe of you. You are a specimen worthy of honor and with my whole being I acknowledge your stateliness. Your personality and wit catapults you head and shoulders above your peers. Your steps break boulders. Men thought to be great loose heart in your presence. When I'm on your arm, women envy me, yet, I pity them. For the fires that forged you have long since quenched and there is no hope of finding your equal. As you gaze into my eyes, my heart is taken captive. Only the planets can bare witness to the celestial pull you have on me. As you are my sun, I am your venus. Your manhood commands my respect and you shall have it to your fill.

King of Men

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My love, your reflection is the aspiration of all mirrors. Flawlessness is the sound that comes from the lips of those who critique your life's journeying. You are the future mothers dream for their sons and the past old men pray they left. When we're together, I notice other men staring. They recognize the perfect match we've found in each other, yet, there's something more. They see that one defining thing that always seems to be just out of reach for them being so prominately displayed within your inner confidence and they cannot disguise their envy. You are a man who is well acquainted with success. What most men call impossible, you call a starting point. I am most fortunate to have you as my sole companion. Your love for me is a comfort known only by the angelic host, and for that I cherish you with my whole heart.

While this short love poem below is printed on a feminine background, it's for a reminder to your man how you feel about him. Rather than give this one to him, you keep this one in open view at your work or place of residence. He knows that you're not afraid to show your desire to be with him to anyone. But you can choose a more masculine print and have him showcase this for himself as well.

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Infinity is the word I choose to verbally express, the days I want to spend with you and not one second less. The happiness that you bring to me in special moments shared, is much more precious than any gem, and cannot be compared. Nothing on earth can mirror the feelings of what you mean to me. And any attempt in written form would take an eternity. Fervent love is what I give to you; a love that's true and precise. Causing any problems that come our way to melt like cubes of ice. So the days I've chosen are not extreme, for there can never be too many. Infinity conveys the perfect sentiment; the awareness of time without there being any.©1995 Tim Taylor

Just select your poem, background and form of payment and I can get started right away. Don't forget that you get immediate use of the interactive ecard program to send him love notes all through out the day. All this for letting me help you show your boo how much you care about him


Many woman think men are innately afraid of commitment. So they tend to steer clear of love letters for him that may come across those lines. However, whether that's true or not, you still can present your heart felt feelings in a poem that doesn't bring up any commitment issues. What you want to do is use somewhat short love poems that let him know that he is the only man that can satisfy you. You should make him feel like that prior to him, your male beaus were on the level of immature boys. That is one of the biggest ego builders you can give to a man.

love poems for him  I

I have to admit, the infinity poem below smacks of long term commitment. But if you have a long going healthy and strong relationship, it wont scare off your mate. Read the I love you poems for him below and choose one of them or I can use your own or create a unique one for you to present to your man on breath taking backgrounds. As a bonus you get imstant free access to an awesome ecard that was programmed around helping to make a strong connection with you loved ones.


love poems for him

Love Poems For Him
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