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Acrostic Poem


name poem

One of the hottest and longest lasting trends is a name poem. Another lesser know definition is acrostic poem. This is where your name is used as an acronym; each letter of your name is referenced with another word or adjective sharing the letter of your name that describes a positive attribute you have. For instance, "T" in Tim would stand for "Terrific" listener and so on. A name poem doesn't necessarily have to rhyme. It should make the owner of the name aware of all the wonderful characteristics that they possess and their name just so happens to spell it out. Name poems make memorable gifts for all genders and ages, but are generally given to children or someone in a committed relationship. However, it's just plain fun to fool around with your name in a positive way.

We percieve the world around us with our senses. The more senses involved, the better we can frame a mental and emotional picture for what we engage in. Using these types of poems involve the sight hearing, which brings in the lesser talked about meta-physical realm such as the soul and spirit. Then our emotions really put us over the edge. Consider the poem below. Just presenting the party's name alone will cause them to take notice, but when you add how you think of them with emotional triggering words, you really make an impact in their hearts.

acrostic poem

The best part about an acrostic poem or any poem for that matter is there doesn't have to be a need for a special day to give them. They're accepted year round. Those that are personalized are highly prized. With so much stress surrounding building a strong relationship with your loved ones; choosing one that makes a personal statement such as an acrostic poem is a sure fire hit. It gives the recipient the opportunity to see and read how you really feel about them. It shows you took the time to write out your heart. It's also a safe gift. As long as you don't get too descriptive, you can keep your really intimate feelings hid until a more appropriate time. A name poem will more likely be received as a friendly gesture rather than a romantic one. Although, it certainly can be used in that sense, too.

Your name is your handle. So a poem that uses your name goes a long way when used correctly. People have a certain amount of control over you through your name. In times gone by, parents named their children based on some event or expectation they had for the child once they come of age. We tend to name our kids now based on how nice the name sounds. So it's refreshing when someone uses names and poems to identify the essence of a loved one. There is an actual meaning in the poem.

acrostic peoms

Acrostic Poems go into detail about how an individual feels about another person. It carries more weight when the parties have known each other over time. That way the one receiving the poem will know that the poem rings true of their inner being. It's a keepsake that is cherished for years. That's why, customarily, it's given on an artistic background and is matted or framed. Your loved ones usually take it to heart that you genuinely chose the adjectives that describe them and used the letters of their name to display it. Since we all like to hear others speak well of us, it's hard to just take those words and ball them up or hide them in a box somewhere. This is why facebook and Pinterest are so popular. It gives the user the opportunity to share what they feel is special to them. And nothing is more cherished than when you speak from the heart with a gift presentation.

Both genders respond well to poems that include their name with positive attributes included. Just take a lool at the poem for males below. It's not mushy. It short and to the point. It makes the man feel that what he's doing is achieving the desired goal he wants or given to a kid, it lets them know you approve of their behavior. Remember how kids ask if they're being good? showcasing their name in confidence boosting language is a great way of letting them know you recognize their goodness without them having to ask you if they are being little angels.

name poems

Framed poems can be the perfect add on gift or they can equally stand alone. They're great for quenching the fires of an argument or misunderstanding. you can also make an awesome impression with your loved one by having your loved ones' name used as the heading or title of the poem and then you go into your heart felt verses about them. It's so powerful because it grabs your loved ones' attention with their name while using crafted language of the heart to create an emotional image your loved one will be swooning over.

They give you the ability to be the star of someone's' life. At one time just about every mall had a booth that provided this service. Now you might only find this service at fairs and flea markets. But every kid and girl's eye will light up when given a token of appreciation for who they are to you expressed in an acrostic poem.

I've read many blogs where the commenter was begging for the owner of the blog to create a poem using their child's name. As I said, there is just something about seeing your name attached to wonderful adjectives that describe their personality. Click on the link and let's make a poetic impression for the object of your desire