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Poems For Kids

Create memorable poems for your kids. The Kindle of poetry

Poems for kids help build an unbreakable bond and set the stage for the future development of your child's personality. We begin preparing our kids for poetry as early as infants by using nursery rhymes to bond with them. There are some generic ones below that will help you get some ideas for expressing your heart to your kids. Poems for children are much more than attention getting words. They help produce emotionally healthy children that turn into emotionally healthy adults. Your interest in looking for poems to present to your child shows you are a cut above the rest when it comes to sharing with your offspring. Far too many parents think the only thing they have to do is purchase the next popular electronic gadget and their child will be satisfied. But what platform do over a billion people use those gadgets for? Facebook and twitter. That's right. Contrary to belief, kids still read if it's personalized. Likewise, these poems carry even more weight when you personalize them. It really lets your kids know you took great care in choosing verses that you felt best fit them. Consider this funny poem for kids:

poems for kids

I like you more than curly fries; I like you more than the best tasting dessert. If I had a toy factory, I would make only the toys you like and let all your friends come over and play as long as you like.

I like you so much that I would name a planet after you and have a special day that we celebrate and have a big party just for you. You could play as much as you want and I'd help you win all the prizes and let you keep them.

Only your friends and family could come to this planet because the spaceship wouldn't start if someone who wasn't nice to you was on it. I like you just that much.

The truth is most children are so malnourished for attention that they grab hold to anything that may momentarily satisfy or distract them from the hunger to bond with their parent. Poetry for kids is the perfect way to fill that void. You should consider yourself a noteworthy parent or guardian for thinking about giving your kid good poems. Forget about buying the never ending books and videos from the so called child experts. You're already equipped with the necessary resources to make a lasting impression with your child; and words reach further than any other gift ever could. It's the main way we humans communicate, so why wouldn't you use that path.

Take a look at these humorous sayings or poems for kids:

poems for children


acrostic name poems

You don't have to be all sappy with your selection when you begin looking for poems for your kids. Just go with your heart. Remember that they need to be age appropriate. Itsy bitsy spider may be okay for a three year old, but anyone much older than that will result in embarrassment and that undesirable eye roll that kids are experts at. Younger kids tend to respond to poems that rhyme more than the older ones. Kids seem to mature much faster than in the past, so you need to know the personality of your kid when choosing a poem for them. However, most all kids respond positively to poems that reveal your heart and soul to them concerning your relationship with them. For instance. Consider the poem for a daughter below.

poems for kids

To help for viewing, I'll post the text larger:

To my precious daughter. I feel I must begin with an apology. For it seems the dictionary has failed me in providing a word that best describes my sentiments for you. throughout the years, many words fit the moments perfectly in the framing of what you have become... A work of splendor. "Don't play in the streets. Don't talk to strangers." Fitting advise to ensure you were protected at all times.

Long before you needed one, your curfew was known by me. As we sang nursery rhymes, every expectation was waiting in the wings for the ones deemed worthy to escort you. yet given this moment to convey my feelings toward you, I find myself bankrupt of adequate words. Even "I love you" falls short in exposing my heart to you; for true love can only be expressed in actions. When I shopped for you, I sought no ordinary garments. At each rack, I was searching for you. On those special occasions that required a card, my mission was to hear you calling out to me. Of a truth, God makes no mistakes, so the mystery of the ages is unveiling how is it that my heart has no limit to what it would do for you. Yet when asked, this same heart fills to capacity and overflows with joy, rendering me void of a word to depict what you mean to me. Alas, it is to sorrow. But wait...

A word befitting of your radiance lends itself to me. The dictionary has redeemed itself! At the sound of you addressing me. At those unexpected moments when our eyes located and locked on one another with smiles following. When I see who you are now. Daughter, I am... Overwhelmed. ©2006 Tim Taylor

Now this comes across as a poem that's appropriate for teenagers and older, yet, this poem would be readily received by your daughter even if she was only six years old. Your kids are climbing over themselves to be like you. They get their cue as far as what right is based on your approval. A poem such as the one above is quite fitting at showing you've taken notice of her progression toward maturity. Another poem that would fit the bill would be in the form of an acrostic poem. That's a poem that uses the letters of you child's name to showcase good attributes in the way of character that they portray. Take note of the one below:

poems for kids

It takes each letter of the first name and uses it to promote the good qualities your daughter has. Their eyes will scan the whole page, but extra care will be given to the fact that their name is clearly present in all those awesome attributes. And what's even greater to them is that you recognize them without them having to ask if you noticed that about them. The great thing about acrostic poems is that they are attractive to kids of all ages. It's like seeing their name in lights. You wont have to worry about them throwing that in a drawer to be forgotten or them becoming board with it and trading or just giving it away. The male children respond well to them, too. Take a look at the one below.

poems for names

Now if you want your poems for kids to be fined tuned for their age, but you aren't sure if you have it down, the best one will be a names poem. It takes care of all the guess work. Just as you get all jelly inside when some attaches your name to nice comments addressed to you, your kid will react the same way when they see their name in like fashion. Kids of all ages, and kids at heart love these kinds of gestures, it's getting more and more difficult to find these more than adequate forms of expression. You used to be able to pick any mall or fair and there would be a booth available to cater to that need. Now you have to get into specialty shops in order to get things like this done. There are desktop programs that hint at doing these things but they fall short of actually allowing you to present things in the manner you really want to. Consider that each month around the world there are one million searches online for the phrase "poems for kids". That's right. A one with six zeroes behind it. Three hundred sixty eight thousand are from the US alone. That number only includes Google search. Never mind Yahoo and Bing.

kids poem


acrostic poem


poetry for kids

You are the reason why puppies wag their little tails. You are the reason why ice cream tastes so sweet. You make me feel like getting on a swing and going real high. So high that I touch the sky. You are greater than the highest number that can be counted.

You are the best friend in the whole world. Think of the best time you ever had in the whole wide world and you would be way better than that. You are so much fun to be around.

As you can see, this somewhat giggly poetry is not what you would call eloquent, yet, they contain the seeds that make great relationships with kids. As an adult, it may seem too simplistic, possibly even insulting to your intellect, but it's language that kids understand, retain and positively responds to.

You're My Sunshine

You're my very own sunshine. Everyday I look forward to your bright smile lighting up my day. Though you see me as a knowledge giver, I learn so much from you; like how to appreciate the little things that bring the most joy.

Your little giggles are like energy pills that cheer me up. Your trusting and bright little eyes make my heart smile. When you reach out to take my hand, you capture my soul and you make me all soft and warm inside.

You are my special little teddy bear that gives out warm and fuzzy hugs that make my heart go pitter patter. Thanks for being the best kid in the whole world.

 Here's a nursery rhymes type poem:

I Love You

I love you for your perky little nose

I love you for your wiggly little toes

I love you cause you run so fast

I love you whether you're first or last

I love you cause you're the very best one

I love you cause you're so much fun

I love you and I'm glad to say

I love to be with you everyday

No matter what you say or do

My response will be I love you.



You don't have to be a scholar in lingusitics to connect with your kid. Just get on their level and you're there. Personalized age appropriate poems for kids will do the trick in making you the star of their young lives. What you want to do is use words and examples that are familiar to their environment. Since your kid uses many of their senses to engage their surroundings, involving as many as you can will get and keep their attention in order for you to make your feelings known without making your kid or yourself feel uncomfortable. I know that sounds weird. Why would a parent feel uncomfortable expressing themselves to their kid? Well, we were kids once and we know that when we realized that we took on different language types to communicate with those on our level, we tend to forget that our kids have a language of their own and they don't know that it's not the standard form of communication for adults who've lived a little and have a more diverse way of verbally getting their point across.

Parents like you are looking for different ways to connect with their kids. They grow up so fast and you only have a small window of opportunity to make an indelible impression on them. I hope you take the time to consider the relationship building poems for children that are on this site. They are really kid tested and parent approved. I've been satisfying parents and making kids eyes sparkle for years with the verses found on these pages as well as working with parents to craft that perfect special kids' poem. The great thing about my service is I aim to please. I'm able to construct your poem and have it mailed to you anyway you like; be it just the poem on artistic paper. Framed and/or matted. Or I can deliver it digitally through email to be used as you and your kid desires. Many love to post them on their facebook fan page.

Not only that, I also throw in a free bonus. We all like something free. Along with your awesome poem, I give you access to a fun and powerful e-card creator that lets you send messages in picture, text and audio to whomever you want. You can change the images and background to add a special picture your child likes. You can text a message to them and you can add their favorite song or record and upload your very own personal audio message for them.



Now that in itself is enough to send your kid over the edge, but you get that extra for no additional cost. There are other sites online that attempt to do this but I haven't found one that delivers on this level. It just shows you that as you operate in the upper crust of parenthood; I operate to the same degree in service to you. I can start right now. Oh, and you get to personalize your kids poem, too. You can add their name as the heading and if you want, you can include your name at the end of the poem. It's totally up to you.

Poems For Kids
Use For Personalization

I reiterate, you'll get a kick out of surprising them with the e-card that lets you send an audio message to their email or use one of the pre loaded images. Remember, if you don't like the image, you can upload your own special image and include their favorite song playing in the background. Even subscription based e-card sites don't give you that kind of control and freedom. So let's get started building your poems for kids and make an impact with your child that wont be soon forgotten. Regardless of the season, this would make a perfect opportunity to interact with your child; whether it be spring or summer break, holiday, or any occasion. This will create many smiles and giggles. Choose you poem.