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Inspirational Poem

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Inspirational poems and inspirational quotes have been around for ages. In this fast-paced society, we need a little encouragement from time to time. Inspirational poems take a long message and condenses it to a compact morsel of wisdom and strength. It's the difference between dynamite and nuclear power. What takes tons of dynamite to accomplish can be done with the splitting of one atom of immeasurable weight. An inspirational saying does the same thing.

Inspirational Sayings

 "Christianity is not my crutch...It is my foundation"


"The mountains you must face in life do not reveal your weaknesses so much as display God's level of confidence in your potential" I Corinthians 10:13


"Quitting in the face of adversity only proves your finish line and the course's were never the same"


"Inner strength is in direct correlation to outer perception"


"Fear only displays itself in the mirror of choice"


"All of life's challenges are as predictable as the sunrise...Yet your ability to adapt and overcome is as dynamic as the seasons"


"Confidence is the garment worn by those who've outgrown life's wardrobe of mediocrity"


"As the difference in power between dynamite and the atom...So is the difference between failure and strong willed determination"

Inspirational sayings come from a life of observation and wisdom. usually, someone who saw ahead of what was to come and avoided it or found ways to cope with the adversity. As stated above, the sayings are bite sized and easily accepted. They also nudge the recipient of the inspiring words to find the full meaning of the saying. An inspirational poem is akin to Psalms or Proverbs of the Old Testament and short parables of the New Testament. Their true meaning isn't hidden, but they do compel you to think and view yourself and your surroundings differently.

Below are some powerful inspirational poems and sayings that encourage you to never give up and accept that you have a divinely given ability to overcome obstacles if you just understand your potential. Enjoy, share and comment. As with other writings available on this site, these saying can be customized, typeset and placed on a framable background to be given as memorable gifts.

Note: Unless specified, all inspirational poems and sayings are derivatives of Tim Taylor and cannot be used or printed without the expressed consent of Tim Taylor. Any consent for use of poems or any material on this site must be accompanied by the giving of credit to said owner.