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Short Love Poems For Him

Tim Taylor - August 2013


When considering a poem for your male loved one, if you want a short love poem for him, you have to ensure you have essential elements in place. First, it's imparitive that you include his name as the heading of the poem or within the first sentence. Your intent is to grab his attention and keep it. Nothing does that better than addressing someone by their name.

Next you go for the kill, so to speak. Though you want to express to him how you feel, you have to keep in mind that he responds to a love language that is straight to the point. You don't have to wax on about how you feel about him; what you want to do is let him now how he makes you feel. How he satisfies your needs like no other relationship you've ever been in.

When presenting a short love poem, make sure he's the center of attention. It doesn't hurt to put a little mystery in the chase for love. For instance, let him know how easily he's caused you to get comfprtable with him and he makes it easy for you to share your inner most feelings to him. Then let him know you're enjoying the journey he's taking you on and are anticipating the next venture he's knowingly or unknowingly taking you on. Since men love the thrill of the chase, he'll not want to disappoint you, so he'll work to make sure he's more attentive to your cues.

Your mate is more likely to remember what you said to him as well. And you will enjoy the tease of letting him take the reigns and lead you exactly where you want the relationship to go without pressuring him to take you there and more importantly, he wont feel you are trying to trap him with unfamiliar tactics. He'll actually enjoy it and will probably share it with his comrades.

Yes, there is much power in a short love poem for him. Go ahead and click on the link for love poems for him and begin looking over the selections to choose from. You can choose one on the page, request you own, use your own or build a unique one by combining the poems on the page.


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