Why do we give gifts anyhow 

"Why do we go to the expense to dispense gifts" 

By: Tim Taylor 

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It’s an age old act. No matter the nationality, religion, race, creed, or color, most everyone gives gifts. We’ve gone so far as to make up sometimes asinine reasons for, not the receiving of gifts, but GIVING gifts. So what’s the engine behind this world wide phenomenon? What makes its staying power so formidable? The answer is so relevant to human existence that it will beg the question, “How could we not give gifts?”

Well, what is a gift anyway? It’s an expression of ones’ self. In other words, we give based on how we feel. If we have great fondness for someone, we give a gift that reflects that fondness, if it’s just a casual acquaintance, then not as much thought will be given to what is presented, yet, something inside us compels us to at least give some token of acknowledgement. So, we give gifts because it’s who we are. It’s part of our genetic make up. Nothing exists without giving…Nothing. Need proof? Ok, take note of the creation of the universe. Whether you hold any religious belief or not, everyone can grasp that the universe came into being. If you believe a higher being created the universe, then that being gave thought, and force to bring it about. If you believe in the accidental big bang theory, then the mysterious swirling gases gave up their solitary state and compacted together to finally express themselves in a resounding explosion that gave birth to the universe as we now know.

Breathing animals give out carbon dioxide, and plants give out oxygen. The two couldn’t exist without one another, perfect symbiosis. The continuance of life itself is based on the giving model. A couple gives of themselves to produce life. Once that life is here, the couple gives everything needed in order to ensure that new born reaches a state where it can begin giving. It’s an inescapable pattern. If we stop giving, we stop living…period. Giving a gift is a kind of memorial between humans that reminds us of how much we are dependant on the act of giving. A wise book has written in it the phrase, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” That Quote rings so true. If we don’t get a gift of some kind on a special occasion, most people will become depressed, why? Because no one thought enough of them to see them worth giving of themselves. That’s why we say it’s the thought that counts when receiving a gift from someone. You can’t make anyone genuinely give you anything. Oh, sure, you can forcefully take something from some one, but the true art of giving is what the culprit wanted. Not the object taken.

So the next time someone gives you a gift, realize the behind-the-scene workings in force that really place importance to the gesture. Someone gave thought of you first, then acted on that thought.