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When To Give Poems In A Relationship


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So you're in a new relationship and you don't know what to do or when to do it. You're afraid to give a gift or say something that may send a message of being too forwarding. Well fear not. The best and safest thing to give early on in a relationship is honesty presented in the right way. A sure fire way of hurting the relationship is by sending things that make a statement of love. So resist going on an expensive buying spree to show your feelings. 


At this stage, no matter how great it feels, you're still just feeling each other out. One thing that will definitely be seen as a feather in your hat is the ability to express your feelings whether in verbal or written form. If you're more than two months or so into the union, it is well within the safety zone to start sharing your feelings in what I would call a relationship love poem on training wheels.


Women LOVE that kind of thing, and men may not admit it openly, but they hate trying to figure out what a woman is thinking and are relieved when a woman lets them know how they feel about them. Even if they may think she is moving too quickly toward an exclusive dating scenario. It gives them a chance to start an exit plan that wont be too messy. 


Women adore showing off love poems that you wrote them to their girl friends. And men it is possible to present a poem that doesn't cause you to lose your cool card with your buddies. It can be a token given to let your partner know you're open for entertaining the relationship going to the next level, but you're not insisting. That way your partner doesn't feel pressured to make a commitment they're not ready for.


You should in no wise apologize or feel uneasy about expressing your feelings toward the relationship with a love poem. Unless the boundaries have already been defined, the obvious course of a relationship is to grow toward exclusivity with the parties involved. Two months or more is more than enough time to begin letting your mate know how your heart feels about them. You have to realize that at some point your guard will have to be let down in order for the person to get to know the total spectrum of who you are. If they're not ready for a verbal expression of your love, then how can they properly handle the physical part?


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