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Love Test, Love Calculator 

"How To Perform One" 

By:Tim Taylor 

Those two word phrases have made a lot of magazine owners very rich. And at the same time spawned arguments that shook the very foundation of relationships. We all want to find a way to see if our partner really loves us. It's as old as time itself. But what is a good gage for testing love? Is there really such a thing as a love calculator Can we really whittle it down to a multiple choice quiz in the back of a magazine? Why can't a verbal affirmation from our mate be test enough? Well, the reason we struggle with the short yes I do answer is due to the very word itself. Love is not expressed in a word or words. It's expressed in action.

Though the written love test tries to get to the bottom of the question by asking if your mate does this or that, whether your mate does or does not do something can't in itself prove if they love you or not. You have to first know if the two of you have the same definition of love. You may think love is one thing while they  think they exact opposite. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in order to find the truth, their has to be a standard that you defines what you're getting at. The both of you may be wrong. So you have to first know what is love in order to find out if your mate loves you. Not what you think love is or what you want it to look like, nor what your mate thinks it is. It has to be what it universally is accepted as. And sometimes the universally accepted term could be misleading.

First off, you need to realize that it's dangerous to assume you can administer a catch all love test found in a magazine. Those things are designed to builder readership. Some have disclaimers to them because true awareness is fact dependent. A free for all quiz is not going to get into the ins and outs of the dynamics of each person. Meaning, they don't want to get sued for toying with your emotions, so they use legal talk to protect them in case something goes awry. As far as a love calculator, it is possible to calculate the degree of love someone has for you. It's not the same as whether your mate loves you. It helps you determine how much they love you.

There are different types of love as well as different degrees of love. Once you know what type of love you have you can better gage the other things related to love. The only real test for love is not questions you get from a stranger. You have to know how to communicate with your own mate. Since true love is expressed in actions, without coming off all weird, at a convenient time you need to ask your mate why they acted responded as they did concerning you. A positive action may not be a showing of real love toward you, but a an act of respect for a mentor. Some people do things because they were raised to do it that way. Others are more involved in what they do.

You have to get to know your mate. That is a sure fire way of testing the love they have for you...Or lack of. Where as you may not have a partner who goes out a lot or is verbally expressive. They may be shouting their love for you from the roof tops in a fashion that foreign to you. You have to be bold and confident enough to take the bull by the horn and ask why they do what they do. If your mate stumbles around the answer. Just ask them is it because they love you. Some times individuals are so oblivious that they're not aware they're operating out of love. As far as the love calculator goes. As with any calculator. The characters have to be known in order to properly use it. Don't try and gage your partner's level of love based on the actions displayed in some other relationship you admire between two other souls.

The key is to be familiar with your own surroundings and go from their. It could be that you may want to change your surroundings. Or at the least, rearrange the furniture a little.