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Love Poems

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Love poems are as old as time itself. No matter the gender, age or culture, we all are suckers for romantic words that come from our lover's heart. Romantic poems need not be overly erotic to be sensual. They only need to have a feeling of exclusivity The recipient of the poem has to feel that the words are for their ears and heart only. The poem below has slight overtones of a sensual nature without giving away its intention. As you read it, imagine your loved one standing there as you pledge your love allegiance to them. It's actually more of a love letter than a poem. Note that there will be adjustments based on whether you choose a digital poem gift or actual shipped gift poem. Both will have the same attention to detail and quality. Scroll down further to read the online text version.


 love poems

Love Poems
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To really put it over the top, you can insert your loved one's name throughout the verses. It will send them wild with desire to show their gratitude and appreciation. Though this poem is primarily for a female, it can be constructed to be more masculine so that a male can take this same poem and present it to his lady while not compromising his masculinity. If you are skilled at expressing your self, you need not have a lengthy poem. You can speak volumes without using a lot of unnecessary words. This love poem as it stands is for relationships that have matured to a fairly moderate to high level.

It lets your loved one know that you are comfortable with letting them know you have be made your self more vulnerable to them. It could make both parties a little uneasy if it's not timed properly. However, if you have a good emotional connection with your loved one, you know when they are ready for this show of affection. This type of poetry has been known to take a relationship to the next level. I've created a finished poem and just plain text for ease of reading the verses online. I'm making available to you the opportunity to have this or a poem like this one personalized and sent to you for presentation to your special one. You can have it crafted as is or customize it with your own words and names. Be sure and add your name at the bottom of it.

You have the option to get it sent to you by email so that she can place it on her facebook page. Use it as a computer, ipad or iphone background. You could also make keepsakes like calendars, pillows, t-shirts and the like. Not only are you able to have custom love poems made to order, I'm going to give you instant access to an amazing e-card creator that lets you construct a high definition personalized message just for them. You get to choose from multiple hi-def images or upload your own. You can create a text message that's as long as you like and for awesome kicks, you also get to include audio with it as well. You can upload hers and your favorite song or just verbally let her know how you feel about her. Just take a look at a snap shot of what can be done with this incredible relationship builder.

love poems

The hat, bears and background can be changed to your liking. You can scan through the pre loaded selections or choose images from you hard drive. All with the click of your mouse. The great part is you don't have to worry about sizing and centering. It's all done for you. Click on the menu below and cutomize your love poem and style or if you have your own poetry that you would like to have type set and placed on any of the available backgrounds, just let me know what it is and I'll take care of it for you at the same low price and you still get instant free access to this incredible e-card creator to take you poetic gift to the moon.

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My love, With these words I grant thee passage into my secret place. A place where the sun envies our brightness and the soft breeze whispers our love in faint fragrances of baby's breath and jasmine. In here, you have full access to my bountiful gardens.

a table has been spread in your honor; adorned with goodly fruits that drip with dew of gladness. Come, dine and be exhilarated in my love. In this place, we shall not fear to lose ourselves in each other. For these gates have no need of a keeper, for you are the sole possessor of the key.

In this place, time has no restraints. So lead on softly and be not soon stirred. From the lofty heights of this place, we shall broadcast our undying devotion for one another so that it echoes throughout the heavens.

And who is that one to dare presume it possible to unravel the ties that bind our souls in a perpetual state of oneness? For there is greater hope of the sun freeing the planets from its embrace or the stars refusing to light the universe with their celestial glow than of our union dissolving into obscurity.

Take solace in knowing that you are most cherished. 2006 Tim Taylor


Love Poem II

My love, I derive great joy in addressing you as such. Not so much over my deep affection for you. For what soul could resist being in your presence, but because someone of your caliber accepts and expresses their love to me

The kindness that I display to others, the smile that has found a perpetual residence on my lips. They owe their existence to the work you've done in my life. As a flowing stream smooths and shines pebbles into a lustous and desirable relic. As the jewler's stone grinds away carbon to unveil a priceless gem. so have you affected my life

you've shown me what pure unselfish love can produce in the giver and receiver and I bare witness that you have given that love to me in immeasureable volumes. I swear my fidelity to you as it has already abandonedmy heart and made its new home in yours.

Enviable is the term that describes what other feel toward our devotion to each other. You deserve the best of me, so I'll not withhold it from you.