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Granddad Poem

 Love, Friendship, Wedding, Anniversary, Mom, Dad, Grand Dad and Mom, Aunt, Daughter, Son, Graduate, Pastor, Pastor's Wife, Boss, Secretary, whom and whatever you feel like honoring, I can work with you to create the perfect poetic sentiment. If you don't see something and want your own words immortalized with stunning typeset and an artistic background, I can give you what you want.

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Truly, you are a Granddad. Your wisdom shows itself through the generations you've influenced. You are a magnet that draws the very best from me. My smiles, the joy that floods my heart when I see, think, or even hear your voice, they all are summoned and willingly appear when you're around. In my youth when you held my hand in yours, though you were guiding, protecting and keeping me at pace with you; to me, everywhere we went, I was presenting the greatest Granddad to the world. The pieces of sugary treats, the monetary tokens, the gifts at special occasions and just because were greatly appreciated. But know that none of them compared to the happiness and contentment you gave me just by being in your presence. We all like to have the audience of special people. I can honestly say I have that opportunity every time I'm with you. You make me feel as if I was center stage in your life. For that, I thank you, Granddad.