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Mother-in-Law Poem


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Life is made memorable by shining moments that define happiness. Of a truth, one of the more cherished events in my life is when you became my Mother-in-Law. It is with great joy that I honor and celebrate your very existence in my life: for a woman of your excellence and nobility deserves nothing less. As I muse over my life, I am all aglow; for I cannot escape the undeniable truth that you are the blue-print that helped build my existing family.

Had your love not resulted in bearing the precious jewel that we both share a love bond with, I would have never known the exhilaration and fulfillment I enjoy through matrimony. I am full of gratitude and guilt. I had no involvement, yet, I am reaping the benefits of the life long labor you expressed in producing a specimen of wonder that they are; and for that, I am graciously indebted to you.

A women carries many goodly titles such as daughter, sister, aunt, mother and grand, yet, I am thankful for the opportunity to address you as Mother-in-Law. Still, a more fitting title would be Mother-in-Love. Wear your crown well, for you have earned every commendation that comes with being a Mother-in-Law. Thank you for imparting such a highly esteemed gift into my life, that being your love toward me.