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Pastor's Poem

Love, Friendship, Wedding, Anniversary, Mom, Dad, Grand Dad and Mom, Aunt, Daughter, Son, Graduate, Pastor, Pastor's Wife, Boss, Secretary, whom and whatever you feel like honoring, I can work with you to create the perfect poetic sentiment. If you don't see something and want your own words immortalized with stunning typeset and an artistic background, I can give you what you want.

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Pastor II

Truly you have a prized calling. Though all the gifts bestowed upon God's servants have been ordained for carrying out His great commission, to seek and rescue the lost, your role is highly specialized. For God has favored and called you into His inner sanctum that He may impart unto you His most precious gem. His gift of Pastor is worthy of high praise. For in this calling, He has fashioned your heart that it mighty beat as His.

Your eyes have been conditioned that they focus only on His visions. He has caused you to take great delight in the things that bring Him pleasure. And things that grieve Him compel you to seethe with righteous indignation

You have been chosen to labor in the vineyard of His majesty bearing precious seed, whose fruit is to be harvested and enjoyed by the Most High himself. Honor Him with your diligence. Be steadfast in your vocation and your calling and election sure. And you shall continually be anointed with the oil of gladness.

For it is the Master's good pleasure that He finds His beloved servants so doing...March on brave soldier.