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Pastor's Poem

Love, Friendship, Wedding, Anniversary, Mom, Dad, Grand Dad and Mom, Aunt, Daughter, Son, Graduate, Pastor, Pastor's Wife, Boss, Secretary, whom and whatever you feel like honoring, I can work with you to create the perfect poetic sentiment. If you don't see something and want your own words immortalized with stunning typeset and an artistic background, I can give you what you want.

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Pastor I

You are to be commended most noble soldier. For you have proven yourself a tireless defender of the faith. While some who have executed this office chose to specialize in a particular field, you have donned many hats in this battle for souls. Your never ending search for the lost has established you as a faithful recruiter. As a food service technician, you have wrought much care in preparing meat for hungry souls.

For the battle weary, you were the consummate medic. As they slumbered and slept, you manned your post as a faithful guard ever keeping watch over the elect. In the dark of night when the trail seemed obscured in blackness, you became the vigilant scout navigating the way. For this, we crown you with honor brave soldier.

When many a general has sought retirement, you proclaim, onward! For your arm is still strong to make war. And while temporal compensations are few, know that your valiant efforts have not gone unnoticed. For the Captain of the host has declared when He comes, He will bring His reward with Him' And then you shall shine as the sun in its brilliance. We salute you, mighty warrior. Stay the course.


Poem gift creation

Pastor II

Truly you have a prized calling. Though all the gifts bestowed upon God's servants have been ordained for carrying out His great commission, to seek and rescue the lost, your role is highly specialized. For God has favored and called you into His inner sanctum that He may impart unto you His most precious gem. His gift of Pastor is worthy of high praise. For in this calling, He has fashioned your heart that it mighty beat as His.

Your eyes have been conditioned that they focus only on His visions. He has caused you to take great delight in the things that bring Him pleasure. And things that grieve Him compel you to seethe with righteous indignation

You have been chosen to labor in the vineyard of His majesty bearing precious seed, whose fruit is to be harvested and enjoyed by the Most High himself. Honor Him with your diligence. Be steadfast in your vocation and your calling and election sure. And you shall continually be anointed with the oil of gladness.

For it is the Master's good pleasure that He finds His beloved servants so doing...March on brave soldier



Poem gift creation

Pastor III

Faithful are the words of a wise servant. Most assuredly, you are from the realm of the anointed ones sent by the Most High. For your life bares His unmistakable seal of authenticity. Your selfless passion for the faith reveals that you have rightly placed more importance on what the vessel contains rather than what it is made of. For there are many vessels in the Master's house and only He can assess the true value of his containers based on His estimation.

Of a truth, God has placed his stamp of approval on you by filling you with His most precious possession, His holy writ. Thank you so much for not hoarding up that wisdom for yourself, but freely making yourself a drink offering to be poured out first to God and then His flock. Apart from Christ himself, no greater example to the flock can be shown than the one you live before us. For God has esteemed so foundation more sure than His word.

You have championed the cause of living out the life that has been girded by that same Rock of Ages. Thank you for your humility, insight and willingness to be used of the Lord on our behalf. Endure to the end, faithful servant of God 



Poem gift creation

Pastor IV

A charge was given by our Master, The Rock,

to feed with knowledge His precious little flock.

To stand in the gap and make up the hedge,

admonishing the faithful against straying to the ledge.

Without seeking self glory, His commission you took,

Vowing never to depart from the commandments of His book.

The pearls of the Master you let no one dare trample,

striving to live beyond reproach to serve as example.

You execute your office with unwavering fervor,

still your passion is expressed as both leader and server.

Through good and bad times there's never a falter,

always pleading the sheep's case as you kneel by the alter.

Your petitions were felt when my strength seemed to fail,

Father granted your request as you tarried beyond the veil.

Your efforts secured mercy instead of God's wrath,

giving strength for the journey and light for the path.

And the reason my banner is still high on its mast,

is due largely in part to your sermon of the past.

You share in my accomplishments, so I've always confessed,

It's because of you, not luck, I'm truly, truly blessed.

All glory goes to God, for there's only one Master,

But your title is most fitting, I call you...Faithful Pastor