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Grandmother Poem


Love, Friendship, Wedding, Anniversary, Mom, Dad, Grand Dad and Mom, Aunt, Daughter, Son, Graduate, Pastor, Pastor's Wife, Boss, Secretary, whom and whatever you feel like honoring, I can work with you to create the perfect poetic sentiment. If you don't see something and want your own words immortalized with stunning typeset and an artistic background, I can give you what you want.

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For a woman of excellence...Grandmother is a term most befitting of your stature. You are the origin and completion of my existence. Many have been addressed in this manner, but in your presence, it is apparent they are only borrowers of the title that rightly belongs to you. As the position infers, you are truly a Grandmother and all females must give place to your preeminence.

Mankind has circled the globe in search of a concoction that transfers beauty to women. Verily, a king's ransom has been wagered to provide these temporary masks of glory; yet without effort, you grace all who behold you with a natural glow that flows from your inner most being, garnering sentiments of awe, respect and envy form those who aspire to achieve your royal stateliness.

Though you are in the eve of your existence, your wisdom transcends time, supplying the nurturing needed to bring my own life's course to perfection. Your timely words are the glue that bonds our family together. The warmth of you smile provides a comfort no fire could ever recreate. Your loving arms give a level of protection no fortress could ever match.

Your ever observing eyes, coupled with your faithful intuition, lay bare my secret intents and not only correct, but direct me as no compass ever could. Every new addition to our family is feverishly ushered into your loving embrace as a necessary rite of passage. You are the ultimate matriarch of our lineage and for that, yo have established a glorious seat of honor in my heart. Of a truth, you are...Grandmother