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Love, Friendship, Wedding, Anniversary, Mom, Dad, Grand Dad and Mom, Aunt, Daughter, Son, Graduate, Pastor, Pastor's Wife, Boss, Secretary, whom and whatever you feel like honoring, I can work with you to create the perfect poetic sentiment. If you don't see something and want your own words immortalized with stunning typeset and an artistic background, I can give you what you want.


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As I ponder this momentous achievement on your part, your life passed before my eyes. I could see you as an infant. Loved and held safely in your mother's embrace. Though you welcomed that peaceful, secure place, your little eyes looked out with the intent as if they pierced the fabric of time and beheld your future purpose in life. I envisioned you as a child just learning to walk; determined to get to any sure foundation, not to stay there for any length of time, but only using it as an object of stability as you looked beyond to a greater destination.

As I continued to muse, I envisioned you at play. While others sought out the audience of lively companions to help expel penned up energy, and ward off boredom; your actions were deliberate. It was apparent that even at that young stage, you were committed to living life to the fullest. As I fast forward again, I see that same focus at this stage of your life. As usual, while others fix their gaze on the podium, as you grace the stage with your presence, you look ahead with that familiar stare of preoccupation.

Your history forces me to bow to your insight and now I, too, side with you in reckless abandonment in anticipation of what lies ahead. I compel you to give yourself wholly to success. For since your creation, you have gravitated towards it and it has been graciously waiting in the wings for the imminent collision. Live well...Go and create your world. ©2007 Tim Taylor