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Pastor's Wife Poem


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Pastor's Wife

The wife of a Pastor is no ordinary role,

it's not for the jealous nor timid soul.

So I take this moment without further ado,

to say Pastor's Wife, we celebrate you.

While some show the hardships of walking this trail,

take courage in knowing you've worn your badge well.

Though demands are never ending and recognitions are few,

your smiles are ever present, never stale each one new.

You're an example to the sister and encourager to the brother,

through obeying Christ's command that we serve one another.

If the Pastor's the knot that keeps us bound to the Lord,

then with scarcely a doubt you're surely the cord.

As the woman of honor, we give you the nod,

we bestow you with honor humble servant of God.

You're gloriously appreciated as an enhancer of life,

You're not just a Queen...You'r a Pastor's Wife.


Pastor's Wife II

You have blessed us with your glory. Though the undiscerning eye may not detect it, your ordained influence on the flock cannot be denied. You have conducted yourself as a bedrock foundation to the fold; and for that we honor you. The smiles you grace us with are never contrived, but you furnish a brand new one unique to the receiver. To some, your role may seem somewhat subdued, but your royal train speaks volumes on your behalf.

Every handshake the Pastor gives, every word of encouragement is girded with your virtuous aura. Your commitment to excellence precedes you. Behind every sermon echoes the passionate care you give in providing a home suitable for God's chosen on to enter into undistracted fellowship with the Master as he prepares our bread. The fervent prayers the Pastor offers up on our behalf unveils the level of unabated peace you cause to reside in your abode.

You are truly a refresher of souls. The Pastor's smile and loving commitment to the flock portray themselves a his approving signature to the devotion you have in carrying out our duties as a Pastor's wife. Many a women have gotten honor in their service as a Pastor's wife, but you have excelled them all. Stand well brave soldier.